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Plugin Installation

After purchasing, you can easily access and download the plugin via your user account on our website. Simply navigate to the 'Downloads' section within 'My Account' by clicking on the following link: My Account. To install the plugin on your WordPress instance, follow these steps: Begin by logging in as the administrator to access the Dashboard interface. In the Dashboard, navigate to 'Plugins' and then click on 'Add New.' Select 'Upload Plugin,' and then click 'Browse' to locate the plugin archive that you...

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Plugin Requirements

The plugin does not require any special server capabilities, it can run on any. As it connects multiple stand-alone WordPress instances by default, it's essential to have the WooCommerce plugin active on the respective sites for optimal performance. Our server requirements are deliberately kept minimal. The code is not only compact but also meticulously organized, ensuring lightning-fast processing without demanding excessive server resources. In fact, it operates with the efficiency of a small plugin, thanks to its highly optimized internal code....

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Plugin Setup

Step 1: Deployment To start with the plugin, follow these steps: 1. Deployment on All WooCommerce Shops: The first step is to deploy the WP Global Cart plugin on all WooCommerce shops where you require its features. This ensures that the plugin is available and ready for activation on each shop within your network. Additional description regarding the process can be found at Plugin Installation Step 2: Activation 2. Activation of the Plugin: Once the plugin is deployed across your WooCommerce shops, it's...

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Plugin Settings

WP Global Cart offers robust settings within the main Shop ( Network Server ) instance to efficiently control all Shops in your network. These settings provide flexibility and control over various aspects of your multi-store e-commerce environment. In this comprehensive documentation, we'll explore the key settings available in the Network Server instance.   Checkout Type The Checkout Type setting determines how the checkout process occurs within your multi-store network. It affects how payments are collected when customers make purchases across different shops...

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GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) law taking effect on May 25, 2018. The purpose of GDPR is to give European citizens more control over their personal and related data stored by others. The WooCommerce Global Cart - Single Site plugin never stores any sensitive personal information on the server-side or locally using cookies. To achieve the Global Cart functionality, the plugin creates 2 additional cookies to ensure a WooCommerce session is matched and paired on...

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