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Unify all your WordPress WooCommerce separate Shops ( using separate WordPress instances ) into a unique marketplace by using a single cart crossdomain available and a single checkout.

Unlock the Power of Seamless Shopping: Experience the strength of a unified shopping solution within your standard WordPress sites running WooCommerce. WP Global Cart – Single Site brings the same exceptional features found in our MultiSite version to create a seamless, multi-store shopping experience within a single site ( default WordPress ). Shop effortlessly, checkout with ease, and manage your online stores like never before, all under one roof.

Global Cart Functionality

Similar to its MultiSite counterpart, the ``WP Global Cart - Single Site`` plugin offers global cart functionality.

  • Customers can shop across multiple stores within a single WordPress site without losing products added to the cart.
  • Supports various product types, including simple, variable, grouped, and external products.
  • Enhances the user experience by providing a seamless shopping experience within a single WordPress site.
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Checkout Process

The checkout process includes all cart contents, even products from other connected Stores.

  • Checkout can occur at individual stores or any designated location within the site, configurable via plugin settings.
  • Address information is auto-filled for logged-in users.
  • Simplifies order management, as everything can be found on a single page when using a single store for checkout.
  • Inherits store-specific configurations, such as coupons, shipping rates, and shipping classes.
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Product Synchronization

Allows the replication of specified products from one Store to other connected shops.

  • Product synchronization covers various product data, including descriptions, prices, images, galleries, downloads, categories, tags, shipping classes, tax classes, and stock levels.
  • Offers flexibility through programmable filters for replication processes.
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Custom Domains

Supports custom top-level domains (TLDs) to the individual stores.

  • Streamlines the implementation and management of custom domains for stores without requiring additional code.
  • Alternatively, the plugin can operate using the default domain format for WordPress.
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User Management

User accounts are managed globally for all Shops connected into the network.

  • Users can log in and use the same credentials at any store within the site, enhancing user experience and convenience.
  • Users can access the “My Account” section to view previous orders and downloads, regardless of the store.
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Herbert Selders
CEO & Founder

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Alisha Perkins
Group CEO

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Anisha Finley

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Roman Walters

"WP Global Cart - Single Site is a developer's dream. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and is highly customizable."

Ralph Thornton
Digital Marketing Manager