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Plugin Requirements

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Plugin Requirements

The plugin does not require any special server capabilities, it can run on any.

As it connects multiple stand-alone WordPress instances by default, it’s essential to have the WooCommerce plugin active on the respective sites for optimal performance.

Our server requirements are deliberately kept minimal. The code is not only compact but also meticulously organized, ensuring lightning-fast processing without demanding excessive server resources. In fact, it operates with the efficiency of a small plugin, thanks to its highly optimized internal code. This translates to a mere fraction, less than 5%, of the total WooCommerce code execution time. Therefore, rest assured that if your server runs WordPress, this plugin will run harmoniously without taxing your resources.

For compatibility, we have set a minimum WordPress version requirement of 4.4, which is readily available to most existing sites. While it can technically work with lower versions, please be aware that the code hasn’t been rigorously tested for compatibility on such revisions, and it’s not actively maintained for them.

The beauty of our plugin is that it doesn’t necessitate any file changes, provided your setup adheres to the WordPress Codex and follows WooCommerce development practices. We’ve designed all of its features and functionality to be achieved through filters and actions, ensuring maximum compatibility with other code bases.