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WooCommerce Global Cart – Single Site – Changelog

1.2.9 Release Date - 2024-06-04 Author - Nsp Code Hash - df8e1e85d50070cd46e8397a5b9941e2598c555d Headers Synchronization type implementation. Adjust the wp-config routine check for required data, to check and update if necessarily. 1.2.7 Release Date - 2024-05-22 Author - Nsp Code Hash - 3c6bea0fc36ac65ae702c86f00c91d3183d1a995 Fix: Ensure it returns the correct site ID when calling global_get_current_site_id by comparing using strpos method, to avoid issues when using structures like 1.2.6 Release Date - 2024-05-20 Author - Nsp Code Hash - f612e4573398719d08ed10ec59ecab6ffaea50d5 API client / host log message improvements for easier WooCommerce 8.8.3 compatibility check and tag update Release Date...

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