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Working with Global Users

Interconnecting shops into a unified network equipped with a global cart, seamless checkout experience, and universal user integration is pivotal for achieving sustained business success. By forging this interconnected ecosystem, businesses transcend geographical limitations, offering customers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. With a global cart facilitating effortless cross-store shopping and streamlined checkout processes, coupled with synchronized user profiles across the network, businesses can foster brand loyalty and drive revenue growth.     Table of Contents Seamless User Replication Across Connected Shops Synchronized User Metadata...

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Replace the Cart Products with Local Version

What Is "Replace the Cart Products with Local Version"? The "Replace the Cart Products with Local Version" feature is a game-changing addition to WP Global Cart's arsenal of tools for managing multi-store e-commerce. This feature is designed to enhance the user experience by seamlessly substituting products in the shopping cart with their local shop counterparts. Here's how it works: Identification by SKU Attribute The feature operates by comparing the SKU attribute of products in the cart with the products available in the current...

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