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Name: woogc/sync/on_post_vars Type: Filter Arguments: $PostVars Filter being used to acknowledge the plugin engine to proceed with synchronization, usually following a custom AJAX call which is not being recognized as a WooCommerce default. (e.g. wc-ajax=add_to_cart,  wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments) Certain plugins and themes use their own methods to handle the cart operations like add, remove.  To create a compatibility between such code and the WooCommerce Global Cart plugin, at least a POST parameter must be registered through the 'woogc/sync/on_post_vars' filter, recommended to be a unique field. The following sample code,...

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Name: woogc/disable_global_cart Type: Filter Arguments: $is_disabled The filter is being used to disable the Global Cart functionality. add_filter( 'woogc/disable_global_cart', 'WooGC_Disable_GlobalCart', 10, 2 ); function WooGC_Disable_GlobalCart ( $status, $_blog_id = '' ) { return TRUE; ...

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