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License Expire

WooCommerce Global Cart uses an annual licensing structure for code updates and support when purchasing any license type. When the subscription expires, the code will continue to work as before, however, updates and support will be limited until the subscription is renewed.

Why does my license expire?

WooGlobalCart is a very complex collection of classes wrapped up into a WordPress plugin, which is a continuously evolving and improving project. This requires a significant amount of time towards providing ongoing support. Also, research, innovation, development, testing and publishing are processes which involve huge amounts of internal resources.

To be able to provide an outstanding experience with our products and continue to deliver the best solutions, we chose this business model, to charge a yearly small fee, usually under %70 of the original purchase price. This guarantees to customers the best services.

Does my WooGlobalCart will stop working once my license expires?

Absolutely not! The plugin will continue to run as before, just updates and support will be limited.

What happens when my license expires?

You’ll get a couple of timely reminders from us shortly before your license expires.  If you decide not to renew the following occur:

  1. The WordPress Update functionality for this plugin becomes limited.
  2. Any support request will not be honoured.

How do I renew my license?

There is a simple procedure to extend/renew through a button within the original order page.

How much does it cost to renew?

Currently, is 70% of the original purchase price, check the Pricing area for complete details.